Town of North Redington Beach

190 - 173rd Avenue East
North Redington Beach, Florida 33708
(727) 391-4848

Board of Commissioners

North Redington Beach has been fortunate to have citizens who were willing over the years to provide civic leadership through service in elected offices and by accepting appointments to various boards and committees.

The Town Officials are:

William “Bill” Queen

Mayor – 7th Term
Elected: 2005 Term Expires: 2019
Supervisory Area: Administrative Officer

Organizations: Barrier Islands Governmental Council – Member
Mayor’s Council of Pinellas County, Inc. – Member
Florida League of Cities – Member.

Richard Bennett

Commissioner, Seat 1 – 8th Term
Elected: 2003 Term Expires: 2019
Supervisory Area: Building Commissioner

Gary Curtis

Commissioner, Seat 2 – 10th Term
Elected: 1999 Term Expires: 2019

Supervisory Area: Commissioner of Safety

Ted Dahl

Commissioner, Seat 3 – 4th Term
Elected: 2012 Term Expires: 2020

Supervisory Area: Vice-Mayor

Kevin Kennedy

Commissioner, Seat 4 – 3rd Term
Elected: 2013 Term Expires: 2020

Supervisory Area: Commissioner of Public Works


Former Mayors:  Al E. Fellner; Carleton E. Merritt*; Robert B. Dalton*; George F. Smith*; William H. Wadsworth*; George D. Morgan*; Fred L. Anderley*; Dee Day*. Harold Racliffe*

*Also served as commissioner

Former Commissioners:  James Baldanza; Frank T. Balke; John D. Burrows; Jeff Busch; Myron F. Dull; Harold Eckels; William Garamella; Ann Graf; Adeline L. Graham; James Grant; Glen F. Hansen; Ray V. Kemmer; Elizabeth Limroth; Sandy Oestreich; Edward P. Smith Jr.; Raymond L. Spangler; Donald Suhadolnick; Bert V. Teeters; James Underwood; Carl Varadian; David Yost; Raymond Jagielski; Jerry Knight; Curtis Blocker.