Be A Good Neighbor

North Redington Beach is such a wonderful place to live! Our Town is unique and special. Please review below some of our most important rules and do your part to be a good neighbor. Let’s keep our Town beautiful and enjoyable!

Boats, Trailers and/or RVs are allowed only if inside an enclosed garage. Exterior storage is allowed with a permit (14 days each six month period) at no cost.
Construction hours are 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday.
Garage Sale Permits are available at Town Hall at no cost.
Home businesses need a business tax receipt issued by the Town and shall follow all criteria governing home occupations.
Homes must be rented for more than 90 days. (Residential districts)
Only registered, properly tagged low speed vehicles (golf carts) may be driven on any public road.
Respect your neighbors’ peace and quiet. Keep noise to a bare minimum between 10:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
Please maintain your trees and shrubs along your property lot lines.
Please pick up your dog's waste. Also, do not allow your dog(s) in the children’s playground areas as this causes unsanitary conditions. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.
Residential street parking is available only on one side of the road. Be sure to read and follow the signs.
Take advantage of the back door garbage service - this helps with loose debris and keeps our town looking clean. Help the environment by recycling your paper, plastics and aluminum cans - recycling bins are available at Town Hall or by calling Waste Pro.
With rain comes fast growing grass and weeds - Please mow and maintain your yards below the 12" maximum allowed by code.
Use focused outdoor lighting, especially on docks. Nuisance/bright lighting affects the sleep of others and is against town code.
Docked water vessels must be registered to property owner or tenant.
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